Investing is a dynamic process that commences with a thorough knowledge of the type of investment portfolio and its legal status. This means that most funds have internal or external constraints on its investments and related policies.

Some investments must be specifically allowed or restricted from the universe of investments. It is important to understand the objectives of the portfolio and the corresponding expectations for risk and returns. A successful program will take into consideration the liabilities of the portfolio and time horizon for investing its assets. Another consideration is to establish income requirements and liquidity needs for the funds. Risk budgeting and assessment allows the client to allocate between beta and alpha components of the portfolio.

Our job is to assist with establishing appropriate objectives, asset mixes, risk policies, manager policies and benchmarks and codifying this in a written policy document. Manager searches become a fulfillment of the policy based upon the exact specifications contained therein. Performance measurement and program maintenance are performed to ensure that the program remains on track and serves as the rationale for any modifications that may become necessary.