All client's have unique circumstances based upon their purpose, objectives, liabilities, type of portfolio, restrictions and human dimensions. Each institution has a unique "personality" with customs, procedures and preferences that must be a part of any solution. On the other hand there are constraints legally, ethically and practically that must be balanced with the "personality" element. Therefore, we approach our clients tabula rasa without preconceived ideas of how to best meet (exceed) their needs. This requires a thorough understanding of the institution and its organization and personnel. There are restrictions both express and implied that will provide parameters for an investment programs whether by statute, regulation or common law. Our solutions are shaped with the influence of these background dynamics.

We are in the business of providing fiduciaries with customized knowledge, information, client service, and technology relating to investment management issues. As a knowledge-based service business, we must provide the client with impartial, quick, accurate, understandable, up-to-date information according to the time demands of the client. We must be readily accessible, highly responsive and dependable to our clients. We must provide the client with consistency of philosophy and proactive advocacy of the best interests of the client and beneficiaries of their managed investment funds.