Yon-Drake & Associates provides a number of important fiduciary services devised to assist institutions with designing, executing and monitoring a sound, prudent investment program.

The services enumerated below are centered around several fundamental investment activities: auditing & compliance; investment policy design & development; investment manager searches; portfolio transitions and implementations; performance measurement; program maintenance and recommendations for improvement. These services include:

  • Investment Program Reviews } Analysis of current situation and identification of policy issues.

  • Investment Policy Design and Development } Codification of guidelines and rules. Sets goals, expectations and specifications.

  • Asset Allocation and Asset/Liability } Determination of appropriate asset mixes based on liabilities and expectations.

  • Fiduciary Education } Prepares governors for prudent decisions and informs fiduciaries on relevant issues.

  • Manager Searches and Recommendations } Identifies and selects managers based on policy guidelines and prescriptions.

  • Investment-Related Provider Searches } Improves efficiency of overall program by employing high quality, efficient partners.

  • Program Implementation, Negotiation and Transition } Implements policies and decisions. Ensures that transfers are cost-effective.

  • Ongoing Due Diligence & Program Maintenance } Ensures compliance and basis for course refinements and course corrections.